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Tom Hardy and Venom’s New Voice

In the first trailer, a slight difference could be noticed in the title symbiote’s iconic voice - but why the change? Tom Hardy is the man behind Venom and he is famous for his ability to work with diverse vocal dimensions as he has often made unconventional decisions in this regard. In the brand-new trailer, Venom possesses the same guttural voice but with a toned-down intensity, making him sound livelier. This, in fact, fits the sequel even better.


The Prequel, despite being a box-office success, faced criticism for giving a very dark aura to the character of Venom while offering lighthearted humor from Tom Hardy in the movie. This new vocal style of Venom thus suits him even better, lessening the dark element and leaning more towards Venom’s weirdness and unconventionality. Although Venom is usually portrayed as a villain, this is his own movie. Thus, the new voice brings more dynamism to the character and makes him more relatable as a protagonist to viewers. However, the change in voice will not be very noticeable, so it should not raise eyebrows.


Tom Hardy has indeed excelled previously with his talent of leveraging vocal skills to fit into his character. Watch ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ to see how he pulled it off!

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