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Bumblebee had to pass on a pitched scene that would have involved a G1 (Generation 1) version of Megatron. Bumblebee is the newest Transformers film that stands as the franchise's first spinoff, and a prequel to the series that started in 2007 with Shia Labeouf. Bumblebee is also the first film in the series that doesn't include Michael Bay as the director.

While previous Transformers movies have mainly relied on action sequences and big-budget special effects, Bumblebee is said to be focusing more on bringing humor and heart to the Transformers franchise. One of the ways the film is doing this is by setting the movie in the 1980s, the same decade that the Transformers toys were invented. In this way, the film is relying on nostalgia to get people invested in the movie by bringing fan-favorite Transformers characters to life with their G1 designs. While many characters like Optimus Prime and Soundwave will appear in the film with their G1 designs, the franchise's biggest villain was purposefully left out of the movie.

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