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Filmmaker and writer James Wan who is known as the person who wrote and directed the first two installments of the “Saw” films along with directing “The conjuring 2”, has written another horror flick titles “The nun”. Talking about it, he explains how the latest film is connected to the conjuring franchise. It was the response that the character of the nun received is what piqued the team’s interest in following it up with another film. He says, “when we made ‘The conjuring 2’, everybody loved the nun character. So, for us, it felt natural to expand on her story and origin”.

Talking about it, he further says, “I think a lot of the expansion of the conjuring universe came from an organic place. We try not to force these expansions. “The nun” for me has a very different look for me, down to the medieval horror setting which is Eastern European during the 1960s. Not only does it take place in a creepy Abby convent in Eastern Europe but also the time period. I have never seen a horror movie set in a similar period in a long time.”

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