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Mark Hamill Applauds Young Man for his bravery

Due to its continued box office domination and pop culture significance, the Star Wars franchise has quite the range of diehard fans. The OG fans have passed the franchise to their children, and now a new generation of fans has been born thanks to Disney's acquisition of the legendary property. The ppace opera has always been focused on the eternal battle of good vs evil, with concepts that really stick with young audiences. That's exactly what happened recently to a bullied student in California. Fifth grader Aiden Vazquez was met with adversity when his classmates starting physically attacking him, but never fought back because it wasn't "The Jedi way."

 The story has gone viral and even garnered the attention of Mark Hamill himself, who tweeted out a message to Aiden, saying:SHOUT OUT to Aiden Vazquez for his courage & wisdom in the face of adversity. I'm so proud of you for showing that you can be a Jedi in real life. Congratulations, Aiden- The Force will be with YOU... Always!!! Your fan, mh.

When Mark Hamill learned the actions of his young fan, he was moved enough to take to social media. Furthermore, he reversed their roles and claimed HE was actually Aiden Vazquez's fan. The Force is clearly strong with this one.

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