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Jason Momoa can relate to Aquaman

Aquaman star Jason Momoa talked in a new interview about how he can relate to the superhero’s unique diversity. As a half-Hawaiian, half-German/Irish/Native American man growing up in Iowa, Momoa certainly felt like a fish out of water himself at times. In addition, he studied marine biology and wildlife biology in college – so he’s practically born for this role. And his background combined with his magnetic personality make him one of the most anticipated star turns of 2018 when Aquaman finally hits theaters.

Fans already got a glimpse of the blend of energy and humor that Momoa brings to his performance as Arthur Curry in his appearance in Justice League. But as one might expect from an ensemble film, Curry’s particular backstory and themes didn’t make the cut in Zack Snyder’s latest. Fans can expect a much deeper dive into Arthur Curry’s life when Aquaman chronicles his transformation into the titular hero. In light of that, fans can also bank on a more emotionally invested performance from Momoa as he taps into his own personal history.

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